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Web Development 2

Upgrade your web development skills with more advanced web concepts, databases and JavaScript.

Improve your web development skills at the Web Development 2 course where you will:

  • find out how to properly design a relational (SQL) database,
  • learn about more advanced web development concepts like background tasks, cron jobs, memcache, and
  • discover how to make your front-end more interactive with JavaScript, which is a must-know skill for every web developer.


Part 1: Database design

In the first part of the Web Development 2 course you’ll learn about relational databases, how to manage them with SQL* and how to properly design them. You’ll get to know expressions like “one-to-many”, “primary key” and “JOIN” and what they mean.

You’ll create database designs for more than 10 different examples and build them with SQL sentences. This way you’ll get very well trained on how to properly design a database - a knowledge which is key for any serious coding project.

Part 2: Advanced web development concepts

You have learned how to create a basic web back-end (with Python and Flask) on Web Development 1. On Web Development 2 you learn about more advanced web development concepts:

  • Background tasks & task queues
  • Cron jobs (scheduled tasks)
  • CSRF
  • Redis & Memcached
  • Sending emails from your web app
  • Refactoring
  • etc.

If you haven’t heard about the above concepts yet, don’t worry. You’ll learn them well in this course and use them in projects and exercises built during the course.

Part 3: JavaScript

In the last part of the Web Development 2 course, you’ll learn JavaScript which will help you make web front-end more interactive. You’ll learn how to validate data that users put in some form and how to implement useful JS libraries.

The knowledge you'll get from this course will give you a solid foundation to tackle any of the many JS front-end frameworks out there.

The topics we’ll cover in the JavaScript part are:

  • JavaScript syntax and basic programming concepts
  • Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Scope and functions
  • Async HTTP requests
  • Cookies and browser storage
  • Package managers and bundlers
  • Web components


The course will take place every Monday and Thursday from 18:00 to 19:30 (24 sessions in total).

Prior knowledge

This course can be attended by anyone who successfully finished Web Development 1 or has an equivalent knowledge. In the latter case, you have to be familiar with:

  • HTML & CSS,
  • Bootstrap,
  • programming in any coding language (we’ll use Python during the course, so learn the basics before),
  • OOP,
  • the basics of Flask (Python web back-end framework),
  • the basics of web development (GET, POST request). We’ll use Heroku as a hosting service during the course.

If the above requirements are not familiar to you, please join the Web Development 1 course instead.

What if I miss a session?

Every student gets access to Student dashboard where you can see all the lessons. If you miss some course session don’t worry - you can study the lesson on your own at home. There are also five recap lessons during the course where you can make up for the missing sessions.

In addition, there’s also a forum where the instructor can answer any question you might have.

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