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SQL and Databases (Online)

Creating and planning a database is one of the most important skills you need when creating IT solutions. In this course you will learn by doing!

Every web and mobile application - in fact every program that operates with data and stores them, needs a database. Knowledge of how to plan a database is one of the most important skills when creating a new IT solution. Most computer programs, websites and mobile apps use databases to safely store data.

In this two week course, led by experienced SQL ninja, you will learn how to properly design a database plan and how to use SQL to build that database and manage it.

The course will take place online, live via video-conferencing software.

What will I learn

  • What are databases, what types of databases exist and why we use them
  • What are the pros and cons of using a database
  • Define key elements of a business process and recognize tables and data in it
  • Create a database schema and tables relations
  • Plan/design a database
  • Common SQL usage: write, read, join data, update, delete and all other ways to work with data using SQL.

Every participant will create plans for 10 different databases during the course and build them using SQL commands. Through these examples you will learn how to properly plan a database and you will be able to use this knowledge in your IT projects right away!


  1. Introduction to SQL (first SQL commands and your first database plan)
  2. Tables and relationships (One-to-Many, Many-to-Many)
  3. Planning a database, part 1 (simple databases)
  4. Planning a database, part 2 (more complex databases)
  5. Using SQL to build a database and add data in it

Prior knowledge

The course is suitable for all beginners, so having prior SQL and database knowledge is not necessary. It is also very useful for people, who already use databases, but feel that their knowledge of planning a database and understand SQL commands is not sufficient.

What do I need for the course

The only thing you need is a laptop, a solid internet connection, and a good dose of curiosity. 😉


The course lasts 2 weeks. Sessions are twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays) between 6:00 pm and 7:30 pm.

Classes will take place online, via video-conferencing software. The instructor will also be available to students through a popular chat platform Slack.

After the course

SQL knowledge opens up a door to becoming a database analyst or an expert in the future. But even if you don’t plan to become an analyst, this knowledge is:

  • useful for every programmer because most applications and computer programs use databases to store data,
  • good for an overall understanding of the IT world,
  • able to provide you with a deeper view into working with data and spreadsheets,
  • able to improve your analytical and planning skills, which are also useful outside the IT world.

What if I can’t attend some lesson?

Every student gets access to a Student dashboard where you can see all the lessons in the text format. If you miss some course session don’t worry - you can study the lesson on your own at home.

All online sessions will be recorded, so even if you miss a video session, you'll be able to watch it later.

In addition, there’s also Slack where the instructor can answer any question you might have.


The Early Bird price will be set to $599 (including all taxes). The full price of the course is $799.

The number of participants is limited. Apply today to get your place at the course and catch the Early Bird price! 🙂

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