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Coding Weekend Bootcamp

A two day coding bootcamp course in Winnipeg. Apply and learn the basics of web with HTML and CSS. Suitable for beginners.

Learn the basics of developing websites with HTML and CSS. This 2-day course is suitable for all beginners and will be led by experienced coding ninja.

What will I learn?

  • How to build website structure with HTML
  • How to change the looks of the website with CSS
  • How to do CSS layouts
  • Using developer tools in a browser
  • Using a great code editor Atom

Does all the above sound alien to you? No worries, this course is suitable for all beginners and we describe all these topics in a easy and understandable way.

What will I build at the course?

During the course each participant will build three websites and will be able to proudly show them to his/her friends. You’ll get the basics of the skills that are crucial in the 21st Century. But most importantly, you will see if programming is for you.

What is included in the course price:

  • Two days (7 hours each) of practice-oriented learning (during the course each student builds 3 websites),
  • snacks and drinks,
  • an interesting weekend, full of knowledge transfer, and a great atmosphere
  • useful presentations at the end of the course.

Where and when

The course will take place over the weekend, Dates and Times will be confirmed, each day from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm with a lunch break in-between. During the first day you’ll learn HTML, developer tools, the Atom code editor and you’ll build your first website. In the second day you’ll upgrade your HTML knowledge with CSS and layouts and build an additional two websites.

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What do I need with me?

You only need your laptop, charger and a big measure of curiosity and motivation. :)

Course session

Prior knowledge

Course participants don’t need any prior coding knowledge because you’ll learn everything starting with the basics of programming.


The Early Bird price will be set to $599 (including all taxes). The full price of the course is $799.

Don’t wait any longer and apply today! ;)

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