Would you like to teach IT skills?



We are looking for programmers familiar with Python and web development to teach our 3-month coding course called Web development 1 for beginners.

The position:

  • Coding trainer
  • Experience with Python and web development
  • Contract work (not regular employment)

You are:

  • Preferably a coding freelancer or working as a coder for some other company
  • Communicative
  • Have “people-skills”
  • Enjoy sharing your knowledge


  • Web Development 1 for beginners
  • Topics include HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, GIT, Python
  • Small course group (10-12 participants)
  • 12-week course (24 sessions)
  • Sessions are twice per week in the evenings (usually Monday/Thursday 6:00-7:30, but we are flexible)
  • We can adapt the course schedule (days, hours) based on your own schedule (we are quite flexible)
  • Courses will be held regularly over the year, but you can choose which ones to teach
  • If on one of the scheduled days you have another obligation and can’t teach a lesson on that day - don't worry, it can be postponed or someone else can replace you for that time slot

Preparation for the course:

  • Curriculum for the course is already written (also presentation slides)
  • Preparation will not take long (1 hour max. before each session)
  • Each trainer will receive a proper introduction to the curriculum by SmartNinja staff
  • All the organizational stuff is done by the SmartNinja team

If you find yourself in this job description please submit the form below and we'll set up a meeting for a further discussion.

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