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We are looking for instructors with good understanding of the cryptocurrency tech to teach our beginner course called “Blockchain and cryptocurrency tech”.

The position:

  • Instructor/trainer for the “Blockchain and cryptocurrency tech” course
  • Contract work (not a regular employment)

You are:

  • A programmer (but you don’t have to be a crypto programmer)
  • Understand protocols and concepts in the crypto world (e.g. PoW, PoS, encryption etc.). If you’re not sure if you have enough knowledge, apply anyway and we’ll figure it out together. Also, we provide training for any instructor before the course.
  • Communicative
  • Have “people-skills”
  • Enjoy sharing your knowledge


  • Blockchain and cryptocurrency tech
  • Beginner level
  • There’s no coding at the course. It’s all about understanding how protocols work (without any programming needed)
  • Small course group (10-15 participants)
  • 8 lessons
  • We can adapt the course schedule (days, hours) based on your own schedule (we are quite flexible)
  • Courses will be held regularly over the year, but you can choose which one to teach at
  • If some day you'll have some other obligations and couldn't teach a lesson on that day - don't worry, it can be postponed or someone else can replace you

Preparation for the course:

  • Curriculum for the course is already written (also presentation slides)
  • Each trainer will receive a proper introduction to the curriculum by SmartNinja staff
  • All the organizational stuff is done by the SmartNinja team

If you see yourself in this description, please submit the form below and we'll set up a meeting for a further discussion.

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