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Build your own bot

Create your first Facebook Bot! You do not need any programming skills, the course is suitable for non-techies.

Create your first Facebook Bot! You do not need any programming skills, the course is suitable for non-techies.

Develop one of the first bots in Winnipeg!

In three hours you will build your first Facebook Messenger Bot, which can interact with your community on Facebook.

Facebook chat bots are slowly starting to replace applications and are announcing the arrival of * artificial intelligence * (AI). In addition they represent a * huge new business opportunities * in various industries.

Knowledge of making bots is a new skill, and participation in this course will set you among the * first few with this knowledge * which you can use to your advantage. And you don’t even need to know how to program it - in this course you will learn to create your own bots * completely without programming! *

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What will you learn?

At the course, you will learn to create a bot that will be able to talk to users via Facebook Messenger. API.ai will be used as a bot engine, but the bot will be enabled without having to program.

Examples of bots that already exist on the FB Messenger Platform:

  • * Poncho: * bot, which tells you the weather forecast ([test it] (https://m.me/hiponcho))
  • * CNN bot: * bot, which keeps you informed of current developments around the world (test it)
  • * Sure: * bot, which recommends good restaurants and bars (for now only in San Francisco and Copenhagen). (test it)
  • * Jessie's Story: * bot to go through an interesting personal story (test it)

As you can see, bots can be used for different purposes: they bring you information, help you to order a table in a restaurant and shop and they are a good content marketing channel, etc. Opportunities are many, and * people with the knowledge of making bots * will be among the most in-demand jobs* in the next years *.

Time and place of the course

The course of making bots is * a one-day course *. It will take place * from 17:00 to 20:00 * (with a break in between). Course location is TBD.

Prior knowledge

There is no need for any special knowledge in the course, except basic knowledge of using a computer.

What do I need to bring with me

The only thing you need is a laptop with at least 4GB of RAM, charger and a big dose of curiosity for building your own bot.

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* Hurry up and save your spot, the number of spaces is limited! Become one of the first bot makers in Winnipeg:) *

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