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What Exactly Is a Web Developer?

What Exactly Is a Web Developer?

20 May 2019 Smart Ninja

A web developer, also known as a Web Developer or System Engineer, takes care of the planning and development of software solutions / web applications in companies. In this role they take over the care and maintenance of websites, digital products, etc. A concrete definition of this job description does not exist, because it is constantly evolving and is dependent on continuous innovations in the Internet.

Technical skills of a web developer:

Basic knowledge:

  • HTML
  • CSS,
  • XML & XSLT
  • JavaScript & AJAX
  • Principles of Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Also: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and basics in online marketing
  • Depending on the focus, additional knowledge may be required

Frontend Developer:

  • Basics in webdesign
  • Responsive design
  • Development of dynamic websites with JavaScript and AJAX
  • Using the JavaScript DOM API
  • Client-side frameworks and libraries, such as AnjularJS, ReactJS, jQuery, Bootstrap and many more
  • Server-side frameworks and libraries, such as PHP symfony, PHP-Laravel, etc

Backend Developer:

  • Understand the HTTP and HTTPS protocol and the REST principle
  • Theory and conception of relational databases with basic knowledge of peculiarities of database systems such as Oracle, PostGres, Microsoft SQL and MySQL
  • Mastering the SQL language
  • Server-side programming languages ​​(Ruby, PHP, Java, C #, server-side JavaScript like Node.js)
  • Server-side frameworks (Ruby on Rails, PHP Symfony, C #, ..)

Soft skills

  • creativity
  • teamwork
  • innovation competence
  • organizational skills
  • innovation competence
  • independent thinking

Frontend developer

The tasks of a frontend developer include designing and optimizing the presentation of web pages for Internet browsers. While a backend developer takes care of programming the server in the background , it is up to the frontend developer to design the layout the website should have and to do client side programming.

Client side means the view through the browser. The frontend developer is therefore in close contact with the backend developer and the web designer who is responsible for the design of the website. In some cases, a front-end developer also oversees web design and backend development tasks.

As a frontend developer profound knowledge and experience with HTML & CSS as well as JavaScript are a must! Nowadays a website does not only have to be accessible on the desktop, there has to be a compatible mobile version. Being able to refresh sites also plays an important role.

Web Developer

Areas of responsibility:

  • Planning and development of web applications (eg digital products)
  • Administration of web pages
  • Design of web pages with HTML & CSS, Javascript, database concepts
  • Coordination of all tasks around web-based software solutions
  • Frontend and backend development

You want to better understand the tasks of a web developer or to acquire your own skills in web development? We can help you!

In the SmartNinja course Web Development 1 you will learn hands-on frontend development with HTML & CSS and backend development with Python in 12 weeks! Any questions? Get in contact with us or attend an upcoming info-session.

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