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Did you watch us on Global Morning TV - Learn about SmartNinja Winnipeg

Did you watch us on Global Morning TV - Learn about SmartNinja Winnipeg

19 Aug 2019 Sanjay Jain

Good Morning Winnipeg,

Hopefully you had a chance to catch us on Global Morning Winnipeg. You would have learned why we brought the SmartNinja program to Winnipeg, what it means to be a programmer and why you should consider joining us for the upcoming Info Session on August 29.

Here is what we believe in:

My name is Vindra Jain and my husband Sanjay Jain and I are starting the first coding school in Winnipeg.

As an IT consultant, Sanjay has observed over the years that there's a big gap between the needs of Canada's IT job market and the skills that people get from the traditional education system. The problems that the latter is facing are:

  1. Obsolete teaching materials.

  2. Professors without any contact with modern trends.

  3. Too much theory, not enough hands-on practice.

As a result, many young adults struggle to find a good-paying job - or even a job at all. As a high school teacher I've noticed that young adults going into the 21 century job market lack direction. Our mission is to give them an opportunity to discover and grow their talents in the IT field and be competitive.

That's why we started the first coding school in Winnipeg, called SmartNinja Winnipeg, together with my husband Sanjay and our two sons Keeshan and Roshan. Our goal is to help develop the IT industry in Winnipeg, which would, in turn, help the whole local economy to grow and flourish.

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