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SmartNinja Student: “Programming is a challenge that is worth the time and effort!”

SmartNinja Student: “Programming is a challenge that is worth the time and effort!”

02 Jul 2019 Sanjay Jain

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Jerry. I am 30 year old father of two children. I am currently developing one of my own ideas and cycling a lot in the company of my oldest son. I spend my free time playing with kids and learning.

What does your normal working day look like?

My usual working day is quite boring. :) In the morning I take my son to kindergarten, then return home and start working. The afternoon is reserved for various activities with kids. Evenings are divided between spending time with my better half and learning - in favor of the better half :).

What have you always wanted to become?

Uf .. Truck driver :)

What achievement are you most proud of in your life?

Um ... I am proud of a lot of things. I would say that I am proud of the fact I started to learn programming, because a brand new world opened up to me, which I enjoy very much and didn't know existed before I started.

What are your life principles?

“A nice word finds a nice place.”

What’s your bad habit?

Sleeping. :)

You attended the SmartNinja course where you were among the best students. Can you briefly describe your experience?

I participated in the Web Development 1 course. My experience was great. Before the course, I had already been "flirting" with programming, but never seriously. I can say that the teacher Matevž was great! He managed to get us closer in a logical and understandable way, even with more demanding questions. I also got a wider knowledge, which I did not think about before the course.

Can you say that the course gave you enough knowledge to start a career as a programmer? Briefly describe.

I've got good basics for the future, and I have the confidence to try something new. I think that the course is a good starting point to get to know the basics, but above all that you have someone experienced, who can answer your basic or complicated questions.

Did you learn some new language? Which one? Could you say that knowledge from a course is a useful tool for learning new languages?

I learned the basics of PHP, SQL and JavaScript. I think that the knowledge I gained at the course is a good starting point for learning new languages, and above all there needs to be a will/motivation to work.

Do you have any advice for those who are deciding to start programming?

Do not give up :) It is difficult, sometimes incomprehensible, and this is when you must persist. It is, of course, also a challenge worth the time and effort.

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