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Filip: "You just have to do it - programming is the perfect opportunity"


21 May 2019 Sanjay Jain

Many believe programming is complicated and it is too hard to do anything with it. Either they have never tried it or have had bad experiences with it, for example in computer classes at school. That's a pity, because the first steps to learning can be very easy and even fun.

We asked Filip, a young web developer, how he learned to code and how to start a career as a developer ...

Who are you and what are you doing?

My name is Filip Potočnik and currently I work as a Junior Developer at Renderspace.

You attended courses at SmartNinja and were one of our best students. Can you briefly tell us what you experienced there?

It was a great experience. Even before the course I tried to teach myself programming, which was unsuccessful. I was too stubborn to take the "first step". But with the SmartNinja course I succeeded and I started to immerse myself in the world of programming :)

Did you find a job after the web development course?

Yes I have. In the beginning, the work was doing rather simple tasks like setting up email accounts or entering data in a CMS system, but now I'm also working on website layouts and getting more advanced tasks.

Would you say that the course gave you enough knowledge to start a career as a programmer?

I participated in the course "Web Development 1". In it I got my first insight into the coding scene and learned the basic concepts. With Rok Povšič we had a SUPER Instructor, which really simplified the learning :) In my case, it was enough knowledge to start repeating things on my own and to explore new things to start a career.

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Did you learn a new language? Would you say that the knowledge given in the course is a good tool for learning new languages?

Yes I have - javascript or jquery. For example, if I want a job, it's easier to learn JavaScript and start with the front-end path instead of the backend. Personally, front-end is more for me. But it is very useful to have background knowledge and to understand how things work in this area. The knowledge from the course was therefore very useful, because we could transfer this "very easily" to other programming languages ​​by learning the basic concepts :)

What are your goals in programming and your career?

As for programming, I want to focus on front-end technology in the short term. So the name Front-end Programmer suits me. I've done that for the past 2-3 years. In the long term I want to develop on iOS. Even as a non-programmer, I found iOS development very interesting and wanted to participate in it. Now I would like to program too.

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What would you advise someone thinking about becoming a programmer?

Take your time and do not rush it, the fundamentals of any programming language / technology are very important. You just have to do it, learning to program is a great way!

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