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27 Jul 2019 Smart Ninja

There are many different ways to learn programming. The most important, however, is the time and effort you are willing to invest. You wonder if there is a programmer in you too? We have 7 signs for you, which could possibly help you with this question.

1. You are a problem solver

Programming is about solving problems. It requires you to be able to solve problems yourself while taking into account given deadlines and budgets. And how do you know if you like troubleshooting? Well, do you like to play strategy games? Do you enjoy solving puzzles, playing chess or video games, ...? If so, programming could be something for you.

2. You are creative

There's a general assumption that coding is just logical and not creative, but that's not true at all. Sure, it's logical, but some of the solutions are too complex to be solved by logic alone. It has to be more innovative because there are several solutions to a coding problem. After getting familiar with the basics, creativity and improvisation begin here! Creating and building your own stuff is great! And if you're curious about how things are done, how they work, and how they can be improved, then you're a perfect candidate for programming!

3. You are interested in computer science

You love to read about computer history, the beginnings and the whole theory. It is important to understand what has already been done, developed and discovered. It does not make sense to renew something that works perfectly. If you consider what others have already discovered and build on that foundation, you become more efficient.

4. You are technophile

You do not only want to know the story but all technical news. Whether it's the latest version of a smartphone or computer, a camera or a game console, you know all about it! You are interested in how technology can contribute to the world and you are motivated to develop innovative systems and products. You are curious about the future and wonder how you can contribute with your technological knowledge.

5. You are a team player

Programming requires a lot of teamwork. The codes must be reviewed and refined with the team so that the code meets the right requirements and eliminates errors. Whether you are working with a team in a company or working freelance for different clients, you should definitely have very good skills to work with people. You should be able to accept constructive criticism to hear the suggestions of others. Otherwise, you should be able to convey your opinions and arguments to others in the same constructive way as to explain why you made certain choices.

6. You have a very good memory and great attention to detail

You can not be sloppy with this job! It's about details, details, details! Even if it's just one point in the code, a successful code can become a complete mistake.

7. You are self-motivated and have incredible patience

To become a programmer does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of time, work, learning and patience. There are times when you want to hit a wall and just give up. You have to be organized, persistent and motivated. Before you start coding, you should ask yourself the questions "why you want to code" (which problem you want to solve, which project you want to execute ...). This goal will keep you motivated on your way.

Even if you have achieved a very high level of knowledge and experience, learning programming is never over as it is constantly being improved and updated. That makes it very challenging and even more exciting! For many things in life, it's worth fighting and hanging out. As the saying goes, "Good things take a while" :)


Now, considering all that, do you think you'll be a great programmer or programmer one day? Where should one start? There are many ways to learn code and it is up to you to choose how. Whether online or in a personal programming class, it is important you enjoy it and realize that it takes time to become a professional. Enjoy the way there and do not let Downs get you down !!

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