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8 Reasons to Choose SmartNinja

8 Reasons to Choose SmartNinja

01 Oct 2019 Smart Ninja

8 Reasons to Choose SmartNinja

This question was asked recently by a potential student: "Why should I choose a course at Smart Ninja?"

We gave an honest answer: "Our kind of lessons may not be right for you. You need to ask yourself what the reasons are for considering learning Web Development skills and how." Some prefer to learn with books, some with online tutorials and others prefer "in person" courses. Here are the 8 reasons that Smart Ninja thinks you should take our Web Development 1 Course.

1. Experienced Mentors

Our instructors come directly from the industry. They have day jobs doing exactly what they’re teaching our students. Some are freelancers and others come from the very companies that our students are hoping to work for.

2. Up-to-date curriculum

Web development and programming are constantly changing. Our curriculum is continually updated to meet current industry standards so you can be sure that what you’re learning with us will be directly useful in your next job as a programmer or web developer.

3. Proven curriculum

It’s difficult and often overwhelming to wade through the thousands of courses available online. How do you choose? Over 4000 students across the world have taken Smart Ninja courses. Our curriculum cuts through the noise and provides a solid direction for learning.

4. Small class size

Getting answers to questions is important when learning new technical skills. We limit the number of students per class so that every student has ample access to the instructor and lots of opportunity to ask questions.

5. In person, scheduled classes

As convenient as learning online can be, it’s not always easy to stick with it. We often find that having a place to go and a time to be there helps people that have the desire but haven’t been able to finally learn the skills they need for a new career.

6. Employment in mind

Interviewing for a landing a developer position is a lot different than a typical job. We know what employers are looking for. By the time students finish each of our courses they have a portfolio of project work and evidence of their skills that they can use directly in the interview process for their first developer job.

7. No Prerequisites

Our courses are designed with the beginner in mind. We start with the most basic web development and programming concepts so that anyone can get started with us regardless of previous experience.

8. Part-time, Evening Class Schedule

Not everyone can commit to a full-time program and day-time availability is often a challenge; especially for those hoping to change. This is a class you can keep up with while you go to your full-time job everyday.

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